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Service objects: To promote sales with perfect technical services.

Promises: 100% satisfactory guaranteed. Costumers can return or exchange a purchase with no excuses within half a year after purchase.

Featured Service:

Experts Directions: Full time technicians can go to the costumers¡¯ factories to help solving problems on the scene.

Costumer Laboratory: Laboratories were set up in Beijing, Henan, Hebei, Shangdong, Zhejiang, Guangdong, and Northeast China to help customers solving all kinds of technical problems.

Technical Documents: Each product has corresponding user¡¯s manual. And all kinds of sample cards are ready for customers¡¯ reference.

Technical Training: Training technicians for enterprises through the combination of theoretical training and manufacturing practice.

Fanbo Information Guide: An interior information exchanger periodical to show the direction of Fanbo¡¯s development, to introduce new products and technologies, to report the latest information in this industry and to promote the communication between Fanbo and customers.

Hotspot Discussion: Providing a platform for people in this industry to discuss with each other on any hotspots.


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