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      Beijing Fanbo Science & Technology Co., Ltd., is a professional company in China producing special chemicals for all the process in fur-making, which include dyestuffs, auxiliaries, degreasing, fatliquors, retaining agents, whiteners, bleachers, enzyme agents, etc. our products were qualified for the Environment Examination Certificates issued by the Chinese National Dyes Center and TUV Rhineland Group of Germany, separately. And in 2003 our company passed the ISO 9001:2000 qualifications. The qualities of our products have reached the international level. Some products, such as JIELI® MN fur Dyes; even have the higher qualities than similar products from abroad. Our sales network extends to all over china. And we are recognized to be the best enterprise in manufacture and service in this industry. 
      Fanbo was authorized to self-operate and exports by the ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation, PRC. In 2003, we establish a development laboratory in California, USA, which employed outstanding chemicals as the manager in order to ensure the high qualities of our products, which have been export to many countries and regions, including turkey, Russia, Poland, America, Canada, Ukraine, Spain, South Korea and Hong Kong, Taiwan.
      Our company has many top-level engineers and advanced instruments and serves as the workstation for graduate students from Shaanxi University of science & technology. We also established fanbo scholarship and fur technology laboratories in neimenggu trade & commerce vocational institute, with whom we have reached agreement to cooperatively enroll new students and give courses in order to train high-level professionals for this industry.
      From 2004, our company started polynary development strategy and established Beijing 3A bioscience Co., Ltd. And Cangzhou Fanbo Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd, which are joint ventures with USA investigators. Under our policy, which is, quality based on technology; operation based on honest and sincerity; development based on human resource, we are trying to do everything the best and to satisfy our customers. We believe that the future will be brighter.

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